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The Politicization of Nerdery – Not Here! Pure Unadulterated Rage 

The Politicization of Nerdery – Not Here!

You know, we here at NerdMerge consistently pride ourselves on not taking political stances in regards to certain…well, all topics.  Granted, a short time ago Chris Swiger and I, in The MatchHead Re/Struck, dealt with the topic of punching Nazis, we did so in relatively good humor.  We did not advocate going out and punching Nazis, we simply drew comparisons to the fact that Nazis are generally reviled in most every form of media including but not limited to Nerdery.  Yes, I said Nerdery.  Thanks, Match Head!

Our brief foray into the political spectrum got me to thinking.  Wait.  Stop.  I just acknowledged that Nazis are part of the political spectrum.  What year is this?  What is the matter with the world?  No.

I refuse to stand for this.

Nazism is not a valid political viewpoint.  It isn’t.  The word Nazi has such menacing and negative connotations for most of the free world that I simply refuse to acknowledge that it should exist in any valid form of political discourse.  Yes, Nazis are real, but I choose not to negotiate with them.  They represent everything vile and abhorrent that currently ails this woe-filled world that we inhabit.  I will not apologize for my intolerance of Nazis.  Sorry.

That aside, and I’m assuming that it is still relatively safe to call a spade a spade, there are other groups that definitely do not deserve the same disdain that is often directed (and rightly so) towards Nazis.  Liberals and Conservatives are not Nazis.  Why?  Liberals and Conservatives don’t advocate the genocide of entire races, for one.  Liberals and Conservatives generally don’t spew hate and vitriol at every opportunity, for another.  As we have discussed on The Match Head before, Nerd Culture is great because it welcomes all types.  Regardless of one’s politics one can still enjoy Batman comics or going to the movies to catch the latest Marvel movie.  We can push politics aside when we gather at the altar of Nerdery.

Granted, I want to do nothing to change this status quo here at NerdMerge.  I recently had the discussion with one of the website’s founders about the possibility of injecting a bit of light-hearted satire into the spectrum.  My first thought was of a rampant conservative of my own creation by the name of Buford T. Snubbly.  I was half-joking when I suggested it, but I was also thinking of the wealth of comedic gold I could pull from in order to crack out some weekly posts.  I was also thinking of writing from a liberal standpoint as well with the weekly opinions of a woman named Linda T. McEllerson-Fitzroy.  Can you imagine how humorous these back-and-forths would be?

To my disappointment, the founder that I discussed this with, in his infinite wisdom, dashing good looks, impeccable style, and ever-lasting Holiness (Gods be Praised) struck down my idea.  (May the Corporate Masters of NerdMerge, who allow The Match Head to be aired on their glorious website, reign from on-high forever and ever, Amen!)  His reasoning?  He didn’t want to alienate potential readers.

I get that.  I understand that.  I can appreciate that.  And, regrettably, I agree.  Yes, satire should be obvious and inoffensive by nature.  However, there are folks on both sides in this extremely politicized world that we live in that, for lack of a better phrase, “can’t take a joke.”  Liberals and conservatives are both guilty of this.  It is not a partisan issue.  We live in a world where tensions run high and where everyone deeply feels their own righteousness.  So, not for NerdMerge.

We strive for political impartiality here.  As a matter of fact, we strive for impartiality on all fronts.  It wouldn’t be fair for us to take a foray into the political spectrum, I don’t suppose.  

We can unite through Nerdery.  The world will go on, our appreciation of the things we love will go on.  There’s  a certain amount of comfort in that, isn’t there?


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