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Back from a Long Hiatus – With a New Obsession! Cosplay 

Back from a Long Hiatus – With a New Obsession!

Well, ladies and gentlemen, it has been a minute or two, indeed.

The life of any public school teacher is a busy one, and over the past weeks I have been so consumed with my work duties and other issues (including water damage in the Match Head recording studio, which is a whole different animal, entirely) and I simply have not had the time to write a word for our beloved NerdMerge.

Thankfully, things are winding to a close with the current school year and I suddenly have far more time to devote to Nerdery and, therefore, NerdMerge itself.

I feel that it is only appropriate, then, to start back with a bit of an insight into my latest obsession.  Weeks ago I spent some time explaining my cosplay work on the Shadow costume.  Well, so contagious was that experience that I soon after started thinking of what I would do for next year’s Comic Con in Lexington, KY.

The impulse buy of the PS4 BioShock collection spurred on the desire to create the costume that I will describe over the next few weeks: A Big Daddy Rosie.

This costume is, obviously, much more elaborate than the Shadow costume.  I have already begun to work on it and have basically completed the helmet.  Within the coming weeks I will explain how I created the helmet and the process involved.  As I track down other elements of the costume I will update you on those, as well.

So, stay tuned, folks!  There’s more to come!

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