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Celebrities: Stop Trying To Cast Yourselves

In the past few years, it has become more and more prevalent that celebrities will openly announce their desire to play a certain role in a film. Usually, these are comic book films or films heavily engrained in nerd culture. I am here for a quick public service announcement.


That is all, that is the entirety of the announcement. Please, just stop. Just because you think you would be great for a role doesn’t mean you will be. Ronda Rousey wanted to be Captain Marvel, people really got behind this idea – based on her looks alone. Her acting ability is almost non-existent and a movie studio has postponed her upcoming films based on that fact. Now, there is no doubt in my mind that Rousey could kick my ass, but she would not be a great Captain Marvel. It is nothing personal, I just want quality when I see comic book characters come to life on the big screen.

Deep pockets = Success?

This method only seems to work out if you sink your own money into the project, guaranteeing your spot in the film Isn’t that right Ryan Reynolds? Granted, Reynolds was an amazing Deadpool but he may not have got his way if he didn’t help fund the film. There are, however, exceptions to this rule. Anna Kendrick has come out and said she would like to play Squirrel Girl and you know what? I can get behind that casting. She wouldn’t be funding it and it is likely she would have little input creatively, but she is a quality actress whose style and humor would work quite well in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Also, these kinds of announcements are not news. Stop trying to portray them as news. Entertainment websites push these stories out as if they are news in the hope to attract readers and gain page views to make more ad revenue. It is a game of clicks, which is nowhere near as cool as the Game of Thrones; though it might be just as profitable.  But I digress, stop pushing this crap off as news. You should really only be “reporting” on it if the public petitioning is successful or if the role the actor wants to play is absolutely hilarious.


I am talking about this guy.

If Michael Cera comes out and says he wants to play Poison Ivy, please bang out an article about that because that would be absolutely hilarious and would be worth my time. But if it is just another article about someone wanting to play Cable in the Deadpool sequel, please, use your time more wisely. Fan-casting a role is a lot of fun, but leave it to fans.

I feel though as if my opinion is unpopular, and if you cannot beat them, you should join them. So as of right now I am publicly announcing my desire to play Crazy Quilt in a Batman film, but only if it is direct by Ben Affleck and I can say “I have crime… covered!”.

Crazy Quilt
Chris Swiger for Crazy Quilt

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