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The Costume Evolves! (The Shadow Cosplay: Part 2) Comics Cosplay The Shadow Uncategorized 

The Costume Evolves! (The Shadow Cosplay: Part 2)

Well. That escalated quickly.

My hat and my cape both arrived a few days ago.  I flew home from work with more eagerness than usual, particularly excited to tear into my packages.  I opened the cape first, because I knew that it would probably be the most successful of the two packages.  It looked good, was the right length, and, as it turns out, the collar will not need modified at all.

Next came the hat.

I mentioned in my previous entry about this costume that I was most concerned about the hat.  As I said, it’s very hard to buy a hat that fits well from the internet.  I opened the package and realized instantly that the hat was perfect for the costume.  I placed it tentatively upon my head.

It fit. Barely.

There are various procedures that one can use to stretch a wool hat by half of an inch or so.  I intend to employ those in preparing this hat for use in the final costume.  It fits, but it could fit just a bit better.  The cape looks good, the shades of black are in agreement.  Now, the only thing on order that I’m waiting on are the gloves.  Then, I can order the ring.

I have also found a couple of handguns for the costume.  In the comics, the Shadow uses dual 1911s.  Now, there are a variety of options here.  One could use airsoft guns, toy guns painted, or die-cast replicas.  I thought seriously about all of these options but, then, the hand of fate delivered my answer in the form of a trip to Wal-Mart.  There, I found a couple of cheap spring BB guns.  They were ten dollars each, are in a similar style to the 1911, and will work just fine.  It was fortuitous, really.

Speaking of fortuitous things, the hand of Fate desires strongly for me to dress up and cosplay as this character.  I was handed a most Divine message in the form of a trip to Goodwill the other day.  I was driving by on a different errand and something told me to stop at Goodwill.  I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, but I went anyway.

I went straight to the back where the overcoats were hanging.  There, I found it.

Previously I mentioned that I intended to use an old overcoat of mine as part of my costume.  Now, It was a dark overcoat, but it was more charcoal than true black. Also, the button alignment wasn’t right and it was absent a belt.  I would have had to have modified it and it still wouldn’t have worked.  Well, it would have, but it wouldn’t have satisfied me.

I found the answer at Goodwill.  There it hung.  It was perfect.  The perfect size. The perfect style.  The perfect button alignment.  It was a double-breasted knee-length overcoat, and it was perfect.

I went into the dressing room, coat in hand.  I tried it on with hesitation.  It fit like it had been tailored.  It was perfect.  I bought it.  Six bucks.

It’s taking shape, and it’s awesome.

More to come.

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