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Get Yourself a Nerd Girl (NerdMerge Community Contributor: Suzanne Dowdy) Uncategorized 

Get Yourself a Nerd Girl (NerdMerge Community Contributor: Suzanne Dowdy)

My favorite quote on the internet to date is, “Nerd girls are the world’s most underutilized romantic resource.” John Green, the famous author of The Fault in Our Stars, Looking for Alaska, and other popular books, made this statement and he could not be more correct.

This particular quote is only partially what he said, but, to me, it’s the part that speaks volumes. Physical attraction, while important, will only get you so far in a relationship. About the time Netflix and chill comes around you’re faced with a choice. Having a nerd girl on your arm simplifies that choice. When faced with what new show or movie to watch you can be sure that your nerd girl will be on board to binge watch the next Marvel series that just came out. Nerd girls just…get it.

We get that each new series is leading up to an epic series that features them all and that excites us. We get that even if the show isn’t exactly as good as the ones before that it still has to be watched. We get that every time there is some kind of MCU Easter egg or mention that it’s exciting. To put it simply, we know how to nerd.

We know what comic you want most for your next birthday because we want it, too. We know that seeing Deadpool on opening night makes the best Valentine’s Day ever. We know that, while it doesn’t go exactly along with the old man Logan storyline, Logan is going to be an awesome movie. We know the anguish you’re feeling waiting on the Punisher series to come out because we’re waiting impatiently, too. We know the difference between a doctor and The Doctor. We also know the ways of the Force.

We love it when, instead of a new Mac set or new necklace, we will get the latest pop vinyl or action figure. We love to binge watch the Avenger movies back to back. We are as excited as you are for the new FF7 to be released.
Gentlemen, if I were to offer you one piece of advice it is this: get yourself a nerd girl and never let her go. Who else is going to love and let you use Star Wars sheets and blankets in your bedroom? Nerd girls will…Nerd girls always will.

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