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The Lost Update! (The Shadow Cosplay: Part 1B) Comics Cosplay The Shadow 

The Lost Update! (The Shadow Cosplay: Part 1B)

Note: For some strange and inexplicable reason, this article was not posted when originally intended. Instead, Part 2 went up in its place. So, for those that noticed a discrepancy between the two posts and references in the second that did not occur in the first, this should clear up any confusion.

Well, folks, I’ve done it.  I’ve taken the plunge.

The other day I was freaking out about what I was going to include in my costume for the Shadow.  I mentioned that I was just starting to get into the whole issue of costumery and potential cosplay.  I also mentioned my fascination with the character and adoration of his costume.  Well, I have taken additional steps towards creating my own costume.

I have ordered a hat, gloves, and a cape.

I already possess a large, stylistic overcoat that I have only worn once.  It is too embellished and out-of-fashion to be accepted socially or worn out in public.  It’s been hanging in my closet for years, largely because it was an impulse by at a Goodwill, something that I knew I would regret not picking up if I left it.

I have decided that this will be the base for my Shadow costume.

I ordered the cape first, largely because it seemed like a no-brainer.  It is advertised as a “deluxe vampire cape,” but it looks exactly like the one worn by the Shadow.  Granted, it is going to need some modifications.  The collar is going to have to be altered a bit, and the closures on it need to be modified.  I’m not a fan of those capes that tie around the neck with a garish knot.  Totally uncool, and not at all intimidating.

Ordering the gloves was a fairly easy process, as gloves are gloves are gloves.  I just had to make sure that they were thin and made of the right material.  With them, only time will tell as I wait on them to arrive in the mail.  I’m just hoping that they look right.

The hat was my biggest trepidation.  I paid a good amount of money for this hat, and as I can personally attest, hats are horrifying things to try to buy sight-unseen.  However, there is no close outlet where a man in search of costumery can procure a hat anywhere in my general vicinity.  I can only hope to get lucky and find one at a flea-market or something, but I seriously don’t see that happening.  My hat will arrive soon, and I will then be able to determine whether or not it will suit my needs.

I have to wait on all three of these pieces to arrive before I can move ahead with my costume.  The next piece I need to order is a ring resembling that worn by the Shadow.  Now, I have one in my Amazon cart, but since I will be wearing it over my gloves I will need to take a ring measurement while wearing said gloves.  The wait is on.

Could it be that I am enjoying this?

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