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Mass Effect Andromeda: The Good, The Bad and the Eh Gaming Mass Effect Uncategorized 

Mass Effect Andromeda: The Good, The Bad and the Eh

Mass Effect is a game franchise I hold dear to my heart, and easily my favorite game franchise. That is not an easy feat considering the all time greats like Zelda and others that are pillars of the industry. So naturally I was elated when Mass Effect: Andromeda was released, it consumed my life for a the better part of a month and when I had free time you can bet my ass was planted in the recliner playing the game. I finished the game this week, and there was just something that missing.  The game just felt like it was incomplete at the end, which I find frustrating.

There was a lot of things that Bioware done successfully with this installment and probably the best one is the squads loyalty missions. This has been something that they have excelled at since introducing the loyalty missions in Mass Effect 2, and this installment continues that tradition. Personally, I find Drack’s and Jaal’s missions to be the most entertaining. Yet, there is not a single one of the squads missions that I did not enjoy going through. At first Peebee’s mission seemed a bit lackluster but the last phase blew me away. In the end it was Cora’s mission that was the least satisfying to play because it just ended too soon, they did not flesh it out enough for my taste.

Then there was just something they did horrible on in my opinion and that was the planet hopping required for Task and side quest. It just seems like a cheap way to try and drive home an open world concept, but it fails miserably and just becomes a chore when you are questing. There are some of these tasks and quests that are fun, they are few and far between though.

Now for the eh, this sadly is the main story line of the game. Mass Effect has always had a strong story to fall back on, and while this one was no different it failed to tell it in the fashion it deserved. The idea of the main story is one that is full of potential, yet the way it unfolds in the game leaves you feeling like you skipped several missions or something. I have to give the team that made this game credit though, it is a really good outing for their first project together and that fact gives me a lot of hope for the future installments into the franchise.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is still a solid and fun game to play, and it is one that you can pick up even if you have not played the original trilogy. This is a game that is worth the time and money you will sink into it, and one that does offer a decent replay value due to different choice and paths that you can take in the game. So in the end I give Mass Effect: Andromeda a solid 8.2 out of 10. You can pick this game up at any store that new video games are sold.

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