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The Match Head/Re-Struck! – Episode 17! The Match Head 

The Match Head/Re-Struck! – Episode 17!

This week Jared forces Chris to view and discuss the 1994 film “The Shadow” featuring Alec Baldwin.

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3 thoughts on “The Match Head/Re-Struck! – Episode 17!

  1. Derek

    This was one of the most entertaining episodes I have listened to so far. And now I know to avoid this movie at all costs. It seemed like Jared remembered this film fondly at least the little bit he could recall. I have a similar feelings toward the movie The Phantom. Did you guys say you were going to watch that one too? I bet it is equally terrible.

  2. I gotta recommendation for a movie you kids can review. It’s called The Room. It’s written, produced, and acted by the same guy, and it’s rated by most critics as “So Bad It’s good”. You’ll love it 😉

    1. We’ll take a look at that, Mastermind. Thanks for the recommendation! I’ll get Chris looking for it!

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