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The Santa Clarita Diet – Episode 2 The Santa Clarita Diet TV Shows 

The Santa Clarita Diet – Episode 2

We Can’t Kill People!

Picking up where we left off; Joel and Sheila are burying Gary… in a plastic storage container… with no lid. This cannot go well.

Of course it didn’t, they spilled him. (Did I really just write that?)

While scraping what they can of Gary into the makeshift grave, a car pulls up. Joel decides the best course of action is to act Natural, while burying a body, in the desert, covered in blood. Turns out its just their daughter Abby, and her friend, the zombie expert Neighbor, Eric.

Abby and Eric help bury Gary (Nathan Fillion) and Eric gives Abby something to clean the blood soaked into the yard.

While Joel is spraying their lawn with Bleach (aka Ant Killer) at 2:00am, their nosy ass neighbor, who is also Eric’s stepdad (who is also a sheriff) watches through the window. He confronts Joel the next morning with a barrage of questions about the night before.

After fending off the nosy sheriff neighbor, Joel is off to meet the Professor (Patton Oswald) to find out more about the “outbreak”. Asking for a friend, of course.

Eric takes Abby to a Comic book shop (Yay, Nerd) where she finds a Comic book titled “Mombie”. After being confronted by the store clerk about “30 seconds or less” comic reading, Abby attacks him! She likes the comic book shop!

After finding out that Sheila cant eat animal meat after tasting human flesh, Joel takes her back to the hospital Mortuary where he previously met an odd coroner. He gives him $100 and asks if he can buy a cadaver. The coroner thinks they’re going to “Fu*k it” so he asks for $5000, telling him he has an “Expensive hobby, lover boy.” Joel hands him $500 and a Starbucks card for whatever he can get. He got a foot.

She cant eat it, it isn’t fresh and it tastes “all chemically”
Joel: “Eat the foot, eat the foot, eat the GODD*MN FOOT”

After finally realizing she cant even eat Human flesh if it isn’t fresh… he decides they can Kill people.

While laying in bed at night, they discuss who they can kill and Abby walks into the room. Abby lays down between her parents and says “Things are never going to be normal again, are they?” To which they respond, “We bought a Land Rover, that’s normal” – Screen Fades.


-Quote’s of the Episode-

Sheila: Why didn’t you tell me Gary stole our Peterson listing?
Joel: Well, there was a lot going on, what with you killing him.

Eric: “After my parents got a divorce my mom married a pompous, dick wad, shit head, asshole whom she thinks I’m too critical of.”

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