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Spider-Man Comes Home

A Fan Favorite Returns Home

Beginning in 2002 the world has had no less than five Spider-Man movies. First portrayed by Toby McGuire then Andrew Garfield, the Spider-Man trilogy and the Amazing Spider-Man Duology have grossed a combined total world box office gross of 3.9 billion dollars. Not too Shabby. However, all five of these films exist within their own self-contained universes. In 2008 Marvel Studios launched the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) with Ironman. The MCU has dominated the box office with every release since then. However, Marvel still lacked the ability to include its most famous character within its shared universe.

In 2015, Marvel brokered a deal whereby they could include Spider-Man within their franchises. Sony, the company currently holding the film rights to Spider-Man, agreed to partner with Marvel Studios for a new Spider-Man film after their disastrous Spider-Man film: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 failed to revive the franchise. All of this culminating in Spider-man: Homecoming.

Spider-Man Done Right

For as long as I can remember, Spider-Man has been my favorite comic character. Needless to say, though, I wasn’t exactly excited for a new Spider-Man film. Call it “Spider-Man movie fatigue” or “Marvel movie franchise machine fatigue,” you get the point. I hadn’t yet seen a Spider-Man film that really portrayed ¬†the character as he was in the comics. Sam Rami’s Spider-Man 2 came close but something was missing.

As the months ticked by and Spider-Man: Homecoming’s release drew closer, my excitement was still negligible. All of that has changed though. Having now seen the film I can say with 100% confidence: THIS is the Spider-Man film I’ve been waiting for! Tom Holland’s portrayal of the web-slinger is perfect. Michael Keeton deftly showcases a complex and intriguing villain in the Vulture. Robert Downey Jr’s Ironman is likable and manic as ever.

The film begins by showing us the aftermath resulting from events in the first Avengers film. From this we come the immediate past and see what Peter Parker aka Spider-Man has been up to. Transitioning through this we come to the present day world of Peter. Girls, homework, crime fighting, girls. These are things Peter struggles to balance. At once still a kid yet struggling with the adult responsibilities of being a hero. This is Peter as he should be.

The Verdict

Full of heart and humor, Spider-Man: Homecoming delivers a thrilling ride through the best parts of the Marvel universe. The music, the pacing, the acting, the script, all coalesce into a fantastic film worthy of the Spider-Man name. I may be biased as as fan but I believe this is the definitive version of Spider-Man. This is who I grew up reading about. This is the Peter Parker of the comics. The everyman. The guy who just wants to do the right thing. The heart of the Marvel universe.

Do yourself a favor and go watch Spider-Man: Homecoming this weekend. You won’t regret it. And remember: stay ¬†until the end of the credits! Totally worth it.


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