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Supergirl S2E1 “The Adventures of Supergirl” Recap! DC Pure Unadulterated Rage TV Shows 

Supergirl S2E1 “The Adventures of Supergirl” Recap!


After discovering a man in a Kryptonian pod, finally getting respect from her employer, and finding love, Supergirl’s life appears to be on the fast-track. But during her first official date with James Olsen, a spaceship has a malfunction and explodes just outside of the earth’s atmosphere. Supergirl saves the day but not without help… from Superman! Did I mention Superman? I mentioned Superman, right?


  • This premiere episode picks up right at the end of season one, so we get a bit of overlap as to what happened in the previous season without the forced “last season on Supergirl” voice over.
  • Superman. What else needs to be said? It is Superman, back on the small screen since the end of the series Smallville. Getting to see Superman brought out the fanboy in me so quickly I didn’t have time to change in a phone booth. This version of Superman is light with a sense of humor but still powerful. He shows a need for a relationship with his cousin and a reluctance to trust another alien “Martian Manhunter”.
  • By the way, Manhunter is back! He was a favorite of mine from the first season and I am so glad they wasted no time getting him back on the screen.
  • It seems as if Kara and her friend Barry have similar appetites. But I think everyone loves a woman who likes to eat. The show goes out of its way without trying too hard to show that Kara really is more human than we think.
  • Getting to see Superman and Supergirl working together to save a Luthor was not only a lot of fun but added depth to the Superman character. While he was the one that put Lex away, he isn’t immediately against Lena Luthor; though he is suspicious of her.
  • The special effects and fight choreography seems to have improved. This is likely due to the show being picked up by The CW. A network with experience with superheroes.
  • Cat Grant is back. She started out as an annoyance in the first season but now a personal and fan favorite. She acts as a mentor to Kara and without knowing it, a mentor to Supergirl.
  • Superman decides to stick around. He loves being around his cousin and we love what kind of action his presence could bring about.
  • The DEO’s new location is a huge improvement over last season’s location.


  • Kara is the female version of Barry Allen. They are love struck but push themselves into the friend-zone due to who they are. It is getting old in the Flash series, I hope they do not over do it in Supergirl.
  • There wasn’t a confrontation with people to gauge how The CW is going to handle Kryptonian combat against an adversary. While the flying and special effects have gotten better, if the combat looks as it did while the show was on CBS, it could really harm the viewer’s suspension of disbelief.


The premiere of Supergirl was fast paced and fun. Showing us a lot of friendly faces from the prior season and introducing a new but familiar face. There was a lot of action and comedy, the show goes out of its way to be a serious superhero show without taking itself so serious that it becomes redundant (I’m looking at you Arrow). This was a great episode and I am very excited to see what this season holds.


“Cadmus” was mentioned at the very end of the episode by a menacing woman in black. While at first, I thought Lena Luthor would be the big bad for this season, she was redeemed early on. This is also the supposed location of Supergirl’s earth father. I believe after seeing Cadmus turn out episode one villain Corben into Metallo, they are going to be a big threat this season. As they should be after the events in season one.

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