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Number Ones! Batgirl (2000) Comics Number Ones! 

Number Ones! Batgirl (2000)

“Number Ones!” is an article series on where we sit down with issue number one of new releases and older comics books. Are they worth looking into? Should you skip it? Thais what we are here to help you figure out! Just a quick review to help you with your shopping and pull lists. This time we are digging... Read More
Is the World of Superheroes a “Man’s World”? Comics DC Marvel Movies Suicide Squad Wonder Woman 

Is the World of Superheroes a “Man’s World”?

I began writing this article a testament against the misogyny in Batman movies, but as I began to explore the depths of the internet, it became extremely obvious that the issue is a lot larger than the Batman movies. Women are extremely mistreated in superhero movies, even if they are the heroines. When someone thinks of a female superhero the... Read More
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