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Let’s Not Take Adaptations Too Seriously Comics Movies Pure Unadulterated Rage 

Let’s Not Take Adaptations Too Seriously

I have mentioned before on NerdMerge and in our podcast multiple times that I spend my days as a teacher of English at a rural high school.  This position allows me to come face to face with many of those, “The movie is better than the book” people.  You guys know what I’m talking about.  Sometimes, it is difficult for... Read More
The Flash S3E2 “Paradox” Recap! DC Pure Unadulterated Rage TV Shows 

The Flash S3E2 “Paradox” Recap!

Synopsis: With Barry is back and he starts trying to set things back to normal in his new/old/somewhat fractured timeline. But he finds the world isn’t as easy to fix as he thinks and some advice from an old friend puts him on the right track.   Highs: The changes are numerous in this new/old time like that Barry has found... Read More
The Flash: S3E1 “Flashpoint” Recap! Pure Unadulterated Rage The Flash TV Shows 

The Flash: S3E1 “Flashpoint” Recap!

This article contains spoilers. For those of us who love the Flash television show, October 4th is a very exciting night! We have been teased since the end of season two about every Flash fan’s favorite event “Flashpoint”. If you are unfamiliar with Flashpoint, it is a multi-story crossover comic book event with numerous tie-in books about the world after... Read More
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