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Let’s Not Take Adaptations Too Seriously Comics Movies Pure Unadulterated Rage 

Let’s Not Take Adaptations Too Seriously

I have mentioned before on NerdMerge and in our podcast multiple times that I spend my days as a teacher of English at a rural high school.  This position allows me to come face to face with many of those, “The movie is better than the book” people.  You guys know what I’m talking about.  Sometimes, it is difficult for... Read More
Marvels “The Inhumans” begins production! Comics Marvel Marvel's Inhumans TV Shows 

Marvels “The Inhumans” begins production!

Marvels new TV series “The Inhumans” began production today in Honolulu, Hawaii. We got to see our first look at Blackbolt played by Hell on Wheels star Anson Mount, as well as none other than lockjaw, the enormous teleporting bulldog. Lockjaw will be brought to life using CGI. (Obviously) The first two episode of Marvel’s The Inhumans will premiere IMAX theatres... Read More
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