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Supergirl S2E3 “Children of Earth” – Recap! Comics Pure Unadulterated Rage TV Shows 

Supergirl S2E3 “Children of Earth” – Recap!

Synopsis: When the President comes to Supergirl’s city, her life is in danger and it is up to Supergirl and the DEO to save her. With the rogue alien from the pod on the loose, the team goes on the hunt! Does this alien know something Kara does not? Is he after the President?   Highs: This episode skips right... Read More
Why the Critics are Wrong about the DC Cinematic Universe DC Marvel Movies Wonder Woman 

Why the Critics are Wrong about the DC Cinematic Universe

The critics have once again let us know how much they hate the latest installment in the DC cinematic universe, Suicide Squad.  I personally have enjoyed all three movies that have been released so far, but that raises a question:  why are the critics hating the DC Universe? I read several reviews of Batman V. Superman and the most common themes were... Read More
The Gratuitous Joke DC Movies Pure Unadulterated Rage 

The Gratuitous Joke

Like many, the thought of “The Killing Joke” becoming an animated film caused me to pop a denim circus tent. I couldn’t wait. Conroy and Hamill returning as Batman and the Joker, respectively, seemed to be something that dreams were made of. While I was never a large fan of the celebrated graphic novel’s ending, I hoped the film would... Read More
New “Wonder Woman” Trailer DC Movies Wonder Woman 

New “Wonder Woman” Trailer

Her Fight Is Ours. Warner Bro’s just dropped the first official trailer for “Wonder Woman” during their Panel at SDCC 2016. Wonder Woman is an origin story for DCCU’s title character. The trailer is a surprise drop during the WB panel at the convention. Also starring Chris Pine and Steve Trevor.  Watch below as the Epic trailer reintroduces us to... Read More
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