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The Flash: S3E1 “Flashpoint” Recap! Pure Unadulterated Rage The Flash TV Shows 

The Flash: S3E1 “Flashpoint” Recap!

This article contains spoilers.

For those of us who love the Flash television show, October 4th is a very exciting night! We have been teased since the end of season two about every Flash fan’s favorite event “Flashpoint”. If you are unfamiliar with Flashpoint, it is a multi-story crossover comic book event with numerous tie-in books about the world after Barry Allen goes back in time to save his mother. The changes are numerous and even after the damage Barry causes has been fixed, he comes back to a brave new world, where while most things are the same. It ended up resetting the entire universe. This lead to the New 52, which is another story for another time.

As a fan, we have been pumped since season two ended to see Flashpoint in the Arrowverse and tonight we got our wish. Let’s recap and break the episode down.


  • The episode starts with a brief recap and Barry in his brave new world where he is no longer The Flash and still has both of his parents! This was a definite high point in the episode. Not only did Gustin Grant sell the joy of seeing his parent’s again after losing his father in season two, it was great to see John Wesley Shipp again.
  • After much teasing , we finally got to see Wally West as Kid Flash. It really was a treat to see him don the Kid Flash outfit and fight against his very own adversary “The Rival”.
  • Baker and Valdes’ returns to the series are always a treat. Even in this alternate timeline, they are both brilliant and not without their quirks. Valdes’ Cisco still can not resist a pop culture reference and Baker’s Caitlin still came up with the off the wall idea on how to track down the villain, even though she was no longer a scientist and preferred working in the field of pediatric ophthalmology.
  • The Reverse-Flash was once again expertly portrayed by Matt Letscher who acted as a proxy for the audience. Explaining what was happening to Barry and pushing the plot forward by driving the point home to Barry that, in order to fix what is happening, Barry will have to allow him to kill his mother…again.
  • The reveal of a new villain. It seems like we will be getting a bit of Doctor Alchemy in our life this season. I am completely cool with that.



  • For a season premiere, the episode didn’t seem to understand it’s pace. The episode was an awkward mixture of high-speed action and cliché love story. It felt as if it didn’t know what it really wanted to do with itself and it seems like the time in the Flashpoint timeline could have been covered a little more. Not everyone has knowledge of the comics and some differences could have been displayed to show how drastically the timelines differed when it came to Barry’s other friends and allies.
  • While Candice Patton is beautiful, her character Iris, should not halt the action as often as she did. A lot of her involvement seemed forced and while her love for Barry is one of his driving factors, we get it, they love each other, it breaches time and space. Let us move on.
  • The Rival, the villain in this episode seemed fairly unimpressive by comparison to other speedsters that have been in the series. The fact that a power such as the Reverse-Flash exists in that timeline makes The Rival look sad and under prepared. He was able to get a near-fatal blow in on Wally, but that seemed more like luck than actual skill.
  • This episode suffered from a severe lack of Tom Cavanagh. His portrayal of Harrison Wells has been a highlight of the series since day one.



Overall this episode was a solid one. But for a season premiere and being our first exposure to the Flashpoint story line, it was a bit of a letdown. But I would not say it is a nail in the coffin. The Flash series has a habit of turning lesser episodes around with following episodes. So, while this episode did not meet my expectations, I am still holding out hope for this season.


It is pretty obvious that we are going to see long standing effects of Flashpoint now that Barry has returned. Our first hint of this is Iris’ now strained relationship with her father. This is going to extend to others in Barry’s life and the powers that be have stated Flashpoint will have effects on the Arrowverse en masse.

While we have got our hint of Doctor Alchemy, it being carved into a mirror leads me to think that he is being manipulated by another force, Mirror Master. Another powerful foe of The Flash. I can not wait to find out!

The Flash airs at 8pm on Tuesday nights on The CW.

How did you feel about Flashpoint? Let us know!

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