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The Match Head/Re-Struck! – Episode 9! The Match Head 

The Match Head/Re-Struck! – Episode 9!

This week Jared and Chris talk about one of their favorite graphic novels and films: V for Vendetta. They also spend a curious about of time pondering if they are a video or a podcast, and the wonders of V’s hat.


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One thought on “The Match Head/Re-Struck! – Episode 9!

  1. I am afraid I must disagree, I think the graphic novel is superior to the film adaptation. Of course, I actually read V for Vendetta before watching the movie, most people seem to have done the opposite. In general, I was disappointed in how the film failed of capturing the dark, norish tone of the graphic novel. I also prefer the incarnation of V in the graphic novel, who I found was more morally ambiguous, not a black and white “good guy.” The movie also incorporated romantic chemistry between V and Evey, which I felt was uncharacteristic of the enigmatic anarchist of it’s source material. The main reason why I prefer the comic though, is the numerous allusions throughout. One example I appreciated, so subtle that I might have missed if not paying attention, was when inquired by Evey at one point what he was doing, V answers, “I’m waiting for the man.” This is a reference to the song ‘I’m Waiting for the Man,’ by the band The Velvet Underground. Little Easter eggs like this made the character V, and the graphic novel as a whole, much more compelling to me than the film.

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