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The Twilight of Wolverine Comics Marvel Movies 

The Twilight of Wolverine

With Logan poised to open up what will be an amazing month of movies in March, it has got me thinking about the character and how Hugh Jackman was/is the perfect person to portray Wolverine. That comes to an end with this movie though, seventeen years and nine movies later Jackman is hanging up his claws. It just seems like yesterday that he played the role in the first movie of the X-Men franchise, but that was back in 2000; it is surreal that we will not get to see Jackman brandish the claws anymore.

X-Men is easily my favorite comic book movie franchise, I could set down and watch them all day and never give it a second thought unlike the majority of comic book movies. My love with the mutants started back in the 90’s with the cartoon on Fox, it has evolved to where I feel the strife and conflict that they go through. Unlike most of the superheroes of Marvel’s line up the mutants have to deal with trying to their place in the world and struggling to gain acceptance by humanity. Then you have the dynamic of conflicting ideologies of Professor Xavier and Magneto vying for prominence within the mutant population. Professor Xavier believes mutants should prove they can co-exist with humanity, while Magneto urges all out war and the destruction of humanity before they have the chance to end the mutants. The dynamics and narrative that are carried within the franchise is one that has more impact than most comic book movies have.

At the core of this you have Jackman portraying the surly Logan who has been my favorite character of the franchise since I was six years old.  Just seeing him portray Wolverine over the years has ingrained him in my mind as Logan. If I meet him out in public somewhere I would probably address him as Mr. Wolverine while trying to contain my inner fan boy.  From seeing him falling in love with Jean over the course of the first two movies to seeing him time travel in Days of Future Past to prevent a dystopian future, Jackman has become the face of the X-Men franchise. The swan song of Jackman’s run as Wolverine is Logan, and from the looks of the trailers it appears that he is going to be exiting with possibly the best comic book movie ever made.  The dark gritty feel of the film to the elements of redemption and hope, have me more than excited to see the film. With the twilight approaching on what has been one hell of a run for Hugh Jackman as Wolverine; I for one can say you will be missed as Wolverine and I hope that Logan is the epitome of this portrayal.

Logan is now in theaters near you, so go watch it!

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